Save the date - Rotary-Who Day - Saving Mothers and Children

Friday, February 26, 2021 15:30 - 17:00 , Who HQ Geneva

ROTARY at the WHO in Geneva - February 26th 2021

Maternal and Child Health / Virtual Meeting 15h30-17h00 : Pierre J. Hoffmeyer MD, Dr hc.

Because of the current situation, the authorities have banned all reunions of more than a few people in our region and these restrictions will not be lifted in the foreseeable future. In consequence, after conferring with WHO and Rotary International, we have had to come to the conclusion that we must postpone the in-person meeting planned this February 26th/27th 2021 at the WHO HQ in Geneva Switzerland to a later date.

Anyhow it will be held as a virtual meeting between 15h30-17h00.